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Production Line

Our annually production is over than 50, 000 tons, producing hot melt adhesives including EVA, PSA and PUR. Meanwhile we are also professional in production of PU dispersion for vacuum forming.



EVA hot melt adhesives are 100% solvent-free formulations which become liquid when heated and are applied in molten state. To achieve a good degree of wetting, the substrates have to be joined within the open time.

They are widely used in various industries, such as textile, packaging, bookbinding, woodworking, filter, etc.



Pressure sensitive adhesives are made by applying pressure on the adhesive film-- the more pressure is applied, the better is the adhesion. The adhesives from East Group are characterized by good adhesion to different materials, and a high strength coupled with high flexibility.

They are widely used in packaging, label, hygiene, and medical products.



Reactive hot melt adhesives are heated before processing and applied in molten state. Water molecules then trigger a chemical reaction which transforms the adhesive into an elastomer. After complete cross linking, reactive hot melt adhesives provide a stronger bond with a superior resistance against moisture, heat and chemicals.

They are widely used in woodworking and bookbinding industries.



PU dispersion adhesives are water-based adhesive systems which form bonds through physical hardening when the water evaporates. The bonding effect is provided by a polymer component which forms a film when the aqueous component evaporates.

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